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The Ups And Downs Of Recovering From An Eating Disorder
I've been traveling for the past month. From Canada, to India, to Jordan, to Israel, to Egypt, I've been backpacking with my friends, seeing sights and making memories. There are a lot of things I could talk about when it comes to eating disorders and traveling, but I...
Why You Shouldn’t Care What Other People Think Of You
I am on the West Coast right now. My older brother just graduated from university today. Now my family and I are enroute to my little brother’s high school graduation from Fountainview Academy, a small boarding academy in British Columbia, Canada. I graduated from the...
Opening Up About My Eating Disorder
I have always been very private about my eating disorder. But you literally blog about it. Yes, yes I do. But the reality is that no one I know in person knows about this website (except my boyfriend, and I just told him yesterday). Secrecy is not a knew phenomenon...
Why Eating Disorders Make It Hard to Eat with People
When I was anorexic, I hated eating out. I was always torn between either spending time with my friends or staying in my room. It wasn't uncommon for my roommate to suggest we grab Mexican food between classes, or for a group of my friends to gather at Olive Garden on...

My Eating Disorder Story

eating disorder warrior

Growing during the hard times.

Will I Always Be Insecure?

Will I Always Be Insecure?

Yesterday I had a massage. While massages are supposed to be relaxing experiences that rejuvenate the body, I found myself lying on the massage table stressing. I was stressing about all the things I needed to get done and wondering what I was going to eat for supper....

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Setting New Goals In Recovery

Setting New Goals In Recovery

Yesterday was not great, to say the least. First, I have been restricting in ways I shouldn't for the past couple of weeks. Everything came to a head yesterday afternoon. I was starving and no one was in the house, so I binged. I ate and ate and ate. It was my first...

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