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Eating Disorders, Body Image, Finding Health
Confession time! I had a bit of a weight pity-party this weekend. My self-doubt and body-image frustrations were revitalized on Saturday night around 9:30pm as I scrolled through the news on my phone and saw an article about Meghan Markle and her royal wedding. See, I...
Eating Disorder Recovery And COVID-19
My life was completely upended a couple of weeks ago. The day before spring break, my university announced that classes would be moved online and that all students had to move off campus. That same evening, I packed up my dorm room and said goodbye to the college...
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Last Monday, my dad thought it would be a brilliant idea to take the family to Hardee's and taste-test their Beyond Meat burger. My family is vegetarian and the craze around new and improved meat alternatives has got my dad especially excited. Beyond Meat was offering...
The Ups And Downs Of Recovering From An Eating Disorder
I've been traveling for the past month. From Canada, to India, to Jordan, to Israel, to Egypt, I've been backpacking with my friends, seeing sights and making memories. There are a lot of things I could talk about when it comes to eating disorders and traveling, but I...

My Eating Disorder Story

eating disorder warrior

Growing during the hard times.

Will I Always Be Insecure?

Will I Always Be Insecure?

Yesterday I had a massage. While massages are supposed to be relaxing experiences that rejuvenate the body, I found myself lying on the massage table stressing. I was stressing about all the things I needed to get done and wondering what I was going to eat for supper....

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Setting New Goals In Recovery

Setting New Goals In Recovery

Yesterday was not great, to say the least. First, I have been restricting in ways I shouldn't for the past couple of weeks. Everything came to a head yesterday afternoon. I was starving and no one was in the house, so I binged. I ate and ate and ate. It was my first...

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